Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One year anniversary!!!

I just can't believe it. I have been so ridiculous that I missed my one year blog anniversary! The man and I have been doing a lot of thinking and talking and we are hopefully going to be renting out our current home and buying a new one. Even though we went through all the headache and hard work of finishing the basement, it seems like now is the time to move. Now nothing is set in stone so as of right now it's still a thought in the wind. We also added a new member to our family. Meet Asta (pronounced Ah-stah). 
She is a Giant Schnauzer and will be a pretty big dog which is new for me! 
 I am also starting my first classes in my masters program tonight. 
 It's all a little stressful and I'm not great with these types of decisions. I'm scared that everything we are doing is wrong. But I guess at some point in life, you have to take risks and deal with what comes your way. We'll see!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hey all!! Update!

 Some exciting things have been happening in our house! The basement is finished..finally! There is still some decorating to be done but it's all done and set up for use! Hooray! 
  I completed my first refinished piece of furniture. I found this old buffet for $7 at a garage sale and refinished it to be used as a coffee station in my kitchen. I absolutely love it! 
  We also got new flooring in our kitchen which the man did himself. Pretty impressed with that since he has never done anything like that before. He watched one youtube video and off to work he went! 
  My best friend had her twins a little too early and they have been in the hospital for about a month now. One of the babies came home last week and we are hoping the other one gets to come home today! 
  My kids have mysteriously gotten little red bumps all over. It has the doctor stumped and we have no clue what it is. Leave it to my kids! 
  We had a few little weekend trips that have led me to the conclusion that my children are NOT fun to take anywhere for more than a day! Both times were stressful beyond belief for me and I won't be doing that again soon! 
  I'm in the process of sewing new curtains for my dining room sliding glass door. 
  We also have a new little four legged addition that will be coming to our family in just a few short weeks! This is probably the most exciting to me right now! I just can NOT wait! 
  So what does all this mean? Pictures! I will be (finally) posting on each one of these new updates with lots of pictures! Have a great day all! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WW Park Day!!!

Happy WW all. No linky this week. We are doing well! I'm almost done with my current project after running into a few....ahem...issues. It's my first refinishing project and I'm definitely learning as I go. I also have some exciting news that will be shared in a few weeks. Hope this finds you all well. Love.

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